Thursday, 26 February 2009

"complicit with serious abuse"

The BBC report that:
"Ministers have admitted they handed over terror suspects in Iraq to US authorities, sparking claims of collusion in extraordinary rendition.

Defence secretary John Hutton said two men detained in 2004 were transferred to US custody and were then transported to Afghanistan, where they remain.

He said he was reassured they had been treated humanely but apologised for past incorrect answers given to MPs.

The Tories said the UK faced charges of being "complicit with serious abuse".

The Lib Dems said Mr Hutton's comments raised "as many questions as answers" and called for all relevant documents in the case to be published.

Mr Hutton said that contrary to previous statements he now knew UK officials were aware that the two men, understood to be Pakistani nationals, had been transferred to US custody in 2004 but that no action had been taken on the issue.

He said "brief references" to the case had been included in papers sent to then Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and Home Secretary Charles Clarke in April 2006 but its significance had not been highlighted at the time. "

Read the whole of the BBC article, have a think about it, bear in mind John Hutton's remark that
"I regret that it is now clear that inaccurate information has been given to the House by my department "
Then wonder if John Hutton or Jack Straw will feel they should resign and then realise that this the 21st century and a Labour government and that Ministers don't resign. You might also wonder what Tony Blair really knew when in 2005 he said:
"It is not something that I have ever actually come across until this whole thing has blown up (the row at the time about whether US extraordinary rendition planes had passed through the UK) and I don't know anything about it, and the reason why I am not going to start ordering inquiries is that I can't see a reason for doing it, I am afraid."

"Whiter than white", "ethical foreign policy", respect for human rights - don't make me laugh.

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