Friday, 27 February 2009

"Is BBC reporter Robert Peston a government stooge?"

So asks a "Daily Mail Reporter", apparently:
"Fresh questions have been raised over whether BBC Business editor Robert Peston is being used as a Government stooge during the financial crisis.

On Wednesday's 10 O'Clock News, Mr Peston breathlessly reported that Sir Fred Goodwin was already drawing a pension of £650,000-a-year.

He said that his pension post was worth a 'handsome' £16million. It was revealed yesterday that Sir Fred can actually claim an annual pension of £693,000.

The announcement completely overshadowed yesterday's disclosure that RBS had made a record £24billion loss - the biggest-ever in UK corporate history - and that the taxpayer would be insuring the bank against future losses of £325billion."

What a vile, baseless accusation to make against a fine independent journalist.

The Mail's article continues:
"The timing of the story has once again sparked suspicions that the journalist is being used by the government to play down its own part in the current mess.

Rather than focus on the fact that the public were being asked to insure RBS against losses, the story of Goodwin diverted attention."

What nasty suspicious minds some people have...

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