Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Why must Muslim children only eat Halal food?

Many schools are looking at Halal options for their menus of serving all students with Halal meat but I discovered something today. Whereas Jews are meant only to eat Kosher food, it seems that the laws of Halal are somewhat less prescriptive:
"Food must be slaughtered by slitting the veins of the neck without severing the spinal cord. and the Name of God must be mentioned. Animals slaughtered for food by "People of the Book" (Jews and Christians) is also lawful (provided it's not otherwise prohibited such as pork or alcohol added)."
Is this true?


Anonymous said...

No! Muslims are allowed to eat Kosher meat as it is slaughtered in the same manner and is slaughtered in god's name with special prayers. Christians do not do this as well as loving pork.

Anonymous said...

no man, Muslims shouldn't eat kosher meat, they can eat HALAL only, btw its not the right place to ask, you should ask such questions from scholars ,who have knowledge about religion. There is no guarantee that animals are slaughtered in the same way as in Islam, and also their prayers aren't the same at all.