Wednesday, 18 February 2009

And yet they call Israel "an apartheid state"

I see that Dubai claims to be so concerned for the personal security of an Israeli tennis player (Shahar Pe'er) that it is refusing her a visa to play in a championship tournament. Of course the real reason is that like some other Muslim countries Dubai already forbids Israeli passport holders from setting foot on its soil. It also shows the tournament's director up as he claimed that Ms. Pe'er's presence on the court might have "antagonized our fans."

Of course whilst Israelis are banned from setting foot in Dubai and some other Muslim countries and some Muslim countries also ban all Jews from entering their hallowed countries, the "apartheid state" of Israel has just elected 4 MPs from the United Arab List to its parliament. How many Jews are in the parliaments of Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia?

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Anonymous said...

First they call it "anti-Semitism" and that falls out of favor.

They they call it "anti-Zionism" and soon that is exposed as anti-semitism undercover

Now they call it, "concerned for the Jew's safety"

What will they think of next?