Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Why cancel PMQs?

David Cameron's son Ivan died early this morning and understandably David Cameron was therefore not going to take part in PMQs at noon today. However I understand that Gordon Brown has decided to cancel PMQs, why?

William Hague would normally stand in if David Cameron is absent and if Gordon Brown followed protocol and withdrew himself then Harriet Harman would normally stand in for him. Ah, hold on, I think I have just worked out a possible reason why Gordon Brown cancelled PMQs, he doesn't want to boost Harriet Harman in her campaign to be the next Labour leader.

The death of a child is a tragedy for the family concerned but we are talking about the government of the country and holding the government to account. The Diana-effect has taken too much of a hold on the UK, In a time of economic crisis, you shouldn't stop the normal political affairs of the whole country because one involved individual has suffered a tragedy. What next, a national day of mourning when Jade Goody dies?

I hear a rumour that Nick Robinson made a supremely tasteless comment this morning about the political implications of Ivan Cameron's death but I will not repeat it here until I have independent confirmation that it was said.

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