Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Gordon Brown and celebrity culture (update)

I note that our Prime Minister, who came to vowing to mark the end of "celebrity culture, has once again dipped his toe into celebrity waters. In attempt to appeal to the masses, the Great Clunking Failure has used his monthly news briefing to express his sadness for Jade Goody's ill-health, to applaud her determination to help her family and to wish her well.

Gordon Brown a serious man for serious times?


Anonymous said...

Surely this isn't the same Jade Goody he was berating a few months ago for supposed 'racist' remarks? What an unspeakable hypocrite.

Not a sheep said...

I suppose he might have some sympathy for someone who made racist comments in the past. Maybe he's trying to catch the Zeitgeist. Most likely he's trying to get some votes from his former core vote.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping that Jade will be ok soon..My prayers is with him.:)