Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Is Gordon Brown about to make an apology?

Martin Bright writes that:
"President Obama showed that it was possible to apologise with good grace over his appointment of Tom Daschle and now the masters of the financial universe are falling over themselves to follow his lead. Somehow he turned the fact that he "screwed up" to his advantage, though how many times he can get away with this ruse in future is open to question.


Now word reaches The Bright Stuff that the man who has never knowingly apologised for anything is preparing his very own "mea culpa". I am told that Whitehall officials have been ordered to make a compilation DVD of Obama's various apologies to the American TV networks to be studied by the Prime Minister."

Can you imagine how graceless and false a Gordon Brown apology would be? It will be heavily qualified, an attempt will be made to pass some blame onto the Conservatives, bankers and the US and of course there will be the usual Brownies used as justifications.

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