Friday, 20 February 2009

Hmm now why would that be?

The excellent Political Betting mused today:
"The headline shares from those who are 100% certain to vote had the Tories 20 points ahead on 48%. Yet amongst the public sector workers polled Labour was in the lead. And If the “payroll” vote had been excluded then the Tory share would have been 50% with Labour down at 27%."

Public sector workers vote Labour, hmm why would that be? Could it be that that is why Tony Blair and Gordon Brown expanded the public sector, so as to have a larger reservoir of Labour voters? After all Turkeys don't vote for Christmas...

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John M Ward said...

Yes, that's almost certainly the real reason for the expansion of the public sector so hugely, and for treating those people so much better than the rest of the working population.

One rarely recognised aspect of the latter is the so-called "affordable homes" idea (and quotas) which is targeted entirely at Labour-voting (and non-Conservative voting) folk, especially those if the most heavily-Unionised areas of the public sector.

I looked into some of this (and exploding the odd myth or two) myself, while substituting on a Scrutiny Committee a couple of years ago.