Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Surveillance Britain

I read some unsurprising news this morning, apparently:
"The Home Office has suggested that the remote-controlled drones could be used to help police gather evidence and track criminals without putting officers at risk.

The miniature aircraft could be fitted with cameras and heat-seeking equipment, allowing police to carry out aerial reconnaissance from a control room.

They also have the benefit of being quieter than conventional helicopters or spotter planes and are much cheaper to run due to their fuel economy."

The key word here is "criminals", as the public here one thing but the government mean something much wider in definition. Also bear in mind "mission creep" and these devices will be used to monitor heat escaping from houses - Climate Change criminals, rubbish bins put out too early - environmental criminals; I am sure you can think of more examples of the type of "criminals" that these devices will be used against.

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