Saturday, 21 February 2009

And the rioting starts...

Trouble in Guadeloupe as the Mail reports that:
"Britons are among thousands of tourists fleeing Guadeloupe after full scale urban warfare erupted on the French Caribbean island.

Trouble broke out on the island earlier last month after protesters began rioting over high prices and low wages.

But the situation escalated this week after protesters began turning on rich white families as they demanded an end to colonial control of the economy.

The troubles come at the height of the holiday season, with thousands of mainly British, French and American tourists on the paradise tropical island."

As I have been predicting for a long time, when the economy is doing well most people keep their frustrations, prejudices and anger to themselves but when they start to feel the pain of unemployment and maybe even hunger some may turn to violence. Before you write this story off as just what happens in the "third world", think on; what happens in Guadeloupe could just as easily happen in Antigua and that's a "British island". There have been riots in Greece and much of Eastern Europe, not that you would know from the BBC's lack of coverage. If we have a hot summer this year are you ready for the riots that will ensue on the streets of London, Liverpool and Manchester? Many people are angry and they will want to vent this anger.

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