Friday, 27 February 2009

The consequences of making ‘reckless decisions’`

Martin Day a correspondent on Iain Dale's blog has made a rather interesting suggestion, which I reproduce below.

"The recession gives the public a chance to get some tax payer's money back if you follow my logic!

Gordon Brown has presided over Labour’s economic strategy for a decade and a half. The Labour party wilfully followed and implemented Gordon Brown’s Economic Plan.

We now see Gordon Brown and Labour trying to gain political capital through stripping Fred Goodwin of his Pension. Whilst in my opinion the Goodwin Pension should be partially stripped back to the time when he (Goodwin) made reckless decisions as CEO of RBS, supported by a compliant board of directors (I hope they are not ‘due’ bumper Pensions as well). I do think this opens up an interesting Political point!

If Brown is advocating a removal of Fred Goodwin’s pension for taking ‘reckless decisions’ and forcing the banking group into failure and the tax payer picking up the tab. Why does Brown not have his Pension removed for doing a ‘Fred Goodwin’ on the whole economy? It was Brown’s mismanagement of the economy, its regulatory structure and arrogantly implementing policy changes that has caused hardship and savage economic contraction.

Maybe Gordon Brown should have his Pension ‘Shredded’ as he seems to have equalled Fred in his Financial Management skills."

If as many of us bloggers as possible push this idea maybe we can create some momentum behind this and get it into the MSM - and then ... who knows?

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking along similar lines.

Well, it's worth a try.