Monday, 23 February 2009

What is the dividing line between party and Country?

A tricky question that has become even trickier with this Labour government who have governed as if they really were "the political wing of the British people". Take a look at the Real Help Now website which proudly proclaims as fact Gordon Brown's very controversial claim that:
"Many people are asking how we found ourselves in this economic crisis, how we are going to get out of it and what the future is going to hold. I want to explain to people how this crisis, which started in America, has developed - and reassure people that Britain can come out of this stronger and fairer than before."

Party propaganda or Government information?

Will we ever be able to rid ourselves of this Labour government? Why do I have the nasty feeling that we may not be allowed a general election? Why do I fear that any civil unrest will lead to this Labour government implementing the Civil Contingency Act so as to "postpone" elections, initially for a short time and then for the duration of the disturbances, disturbances that may last for a very very long time indeed?

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