Thursday, 24 March 2011

The BBC have a problem

The BBC have a problem this morning. A Briton has been killed overseas in a terrorist attack so the BBC would usually be headlining this news. However the Briton was killed in Jerusalem by a terrorist bomb which makes reporting the news tricky. At the moment the BBC news website has simply changed the report headline to 'Jerusalem bus stop bomb victim was British' and the first two paragraphs now run:
'A woman who was killed when a bomb exploded at a crowded bus stop in Jerusalem on Wednesday was British.

The British Embassy said the woman's family in the UK had been informed.'
I suppose the BBC are hoping that the murdered woman's family come out and say that they don't blame the Palestinians for their daughter/wife/mother's death and that she was in Israel campaigning for the rights of the Palestinians against their Israeli oppressors. If this is the case then the story will start to be reported as headline news. If however it emerges that this woman was a Jewish supporter of Israel then you can expect the BBC coverage to slowly disappear. Certainly the death of this British woman will not receive a tenth of the coverage of the death of the American Rachel Corrie.

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Span Ows said...

LOL! Can you imagine hadt he women been killed in the Gaza strip by Israeli retaliation! days of headlines.