Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Independent newpaper's choice of words (part 2)

I have just read the whole of that Independent article (as commented upon here) and the doublespeak is incessant. Here are a few more examples (with my comments in italics):

'A bomb exploded near a bus stop in a Jewish district of Jerusalem on Wednesday, killing a woman and injuring at least 30 people, in an attack police blamed on Palestinian militants.'
Who else would The Independent suggest was the perpetrator(s)?

'Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad swiftly denounced the attack. "I condemn this terrorist operation in the strongest possible terms, regardless of who was behind it," he said in a statement released by his office in the West Bank.'
Not a word from Hamas then?
'At the height of a Palestinian uprising that began in 2000, but which died out in recent years, militants carried out dozens of often deadly bombings in Jewish neighbourhoods of Jerusalem.'
Why did the bomb attacks reduce, was it anything to do with the building of the security barrier? Why no mention of the vehicle attacks as listed here.

'Peace talks aimed at ending the decades-old conflict between Israel and the Palestinians broke down last year after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to extend a partial freeze on Jewish settlement building in the West Bank.'
Really were talks progressing during the freeze? Have the Palestinian side carried out all of their obligations for talks to take place? Have Hamas recognised the right of Israel to exist? Why is it just Israel's fault?

'Israeli security officials have cautioned that the absence of any peace initiative could spark a new Palestinian uprising. Over 500 Israeli civilians died in 140 Palestinian suicide bomb attacks from 2000 to 2007. More than 4,500 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in the same period.'
So 500 Israeli civilians were killed and more that 4,500 Palestinians; how many of the Palestinians killed were 'terrorists' or 'fighters' or 'militants' and how many actual civilians?
'Earlier on Wednesday, the prime minister warned Hamas over rising violence in Gaza following a barrage of rockets and mortar fire in recent days. Hamas say the attacks were in response to Israeli bombings and killings.'
What about the murder of the Fogel family, is that not to be mentioned?
'On Tuesday, Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip killed four Palestinian civilians, including three children playing football, and five militants, medical officials said.'
Why were the 'militants'/terrorists in such close proximity to the 'civilians'? Any interest or wondering at the Independent or just acceptance of whatever line their Palestinian contacts give them?
'Netanyahu has voiced regret for the civilian deaths but said Israel could not ignore attacks on its territory.

"No country would be prepared to absorb protracted missile fire on its cities and civilians, and of course the State of Israel is not prepared to," he told parliament hours before the Jerusalem blast.

"It could be that this matter will entail exchanges of blows, and it may take a certain period of time, but we are very determined to strike at the terrorist elements and deny them the means of attacking our citizens," he said.'
Seems fairly uncontroversial comments, have Hamas voiced regret for those maimed by rockets fired by their operatives and others under their control?

'Israel launched a three-week war on the impoverished coastal enclave in 2009, killing about 1,400 Palestinians and drawing heavy international censure.'
Why did Israel launch this 'war'? Did Hamas do anything to provoke such an attack?
'Hamas, which seized control of Gaza in a 2007 coup, had mostly held fire since.'
I suppose the key word there is 'mostly'. How many rockets have been fired at Israel since 2007? How many attempted attacks on Israel have been foiled? What about the murder of the Fogel family; do the lives of sleeping Israeli children not count but those of football playing Palestinian children do?

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