Friday, 25 March 2011

The "tyranny of the minority."

American Power writes a fantastic piece about the Democrat state walkouts in several US States. Do read the whole piece but what I found interesting is how what he and others in the US perceive as the Democratic party's belief that as a political party they are entitled to power so fits in with how many on the left in UK feel. 

As I have said before when Labour wins a general election Conservatives are meant to accept the result with good grace and live with whatever decisions are made. However when Conservatives win a general election (even if in a coalition) Labour supporters and those further to the left feel entitled to rant and rave and protest at every decision taken. 

Odd isn't it?

Thinking about this reminds me of something else that I have blogged about before. A Labour supporter feels able at any Conservative dominated social occasion to lecture Conservatives about the correct views to hold without fear of insult or attack but a Conservative at a Labour dominated social occasion knows to keep very very quiet lest he engender at best silence and at worse having to leave.

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