Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The BBC's choice of words

Once again the BBC's choice of words is eye-opening. The BBC report on the latest terrorist bombing in Jerusalem. Apparently:
'One person has died and more than 20 others are injured after a bomb blast at a crowded bus stop in central Jerusalem, Israeli officials say.'
a bomb blast, who planted it?

'Jerusalem suffered a spate of bus bombings between 2000 and 2004 but attacks have stopped in recent years.'
Why did the attacks stop, was it spontaneous or was it a result of Israeli building its security fence/wall? Incidentally whilst the bombings have stopped there have been other attacks:
In July 2008 a driver of a bulldozer driver hit a bus, pedestrian and cars before he was neutralized by a soldier and civilian who mounted his vehicle and overtook him and then shot and killed him.
In August 2008 twenty-four people were injured in an attack when a terrorist hit five cars before he was shot by a civilian and an IDF military border guard officer that were at the scene of the attack.
Near the end of 2008 19 people were injured when a resident of East Jerusalem veered off the street onto the sidewalk near the Old City of Jerusalem and crashed into pedestrians. Most of the pedestrians were soldiers. An officer among the group open fire and killed the terrorist.

'It is believed the bomb exploded as a bus pulled up at the stop'
the bomb exploded, what all by itself?

And then the usual BBC line that they have to use when reporting anything to do with Israel, this time it's a touch longer than normal:
'The latest attacks comes amid heightened tension in the Gaza Strip.

On Wednesday, Israeli warplanes launched fresh air strikes east of Gaza City, after Palestinian militants fired two rockets into southern Israel.

The Islamic Jihad militant group said it carried out the rocket attacks in reprisal for the killing of eight Palestinians near Gaza City on Tuesday.'
So the attacks started with the Israelis killing eight Palestinians, there were no Palestinian attacks before that? Is Israel always to blame, did they start it by being created on Muslim land? No mention of the mass murder of the Fogel family; is that topic now verbotten at the BBC?

And finally the disclaimer from the one of the likely culprits behind the bombing:
'Hamas government spokesman, Taher Nono, has refused to comment on the Jerusalem explosion.'
Not an expression of sorrow at the loss of life and injuries caused; is that because all Israelis are settlers and therefore fair targets?

The BBC always happy to criticise Israel and protect Palestinian terrorists, to commemorate Palestinian deaths and forget Israeli ones and to de-legitimise Israel at every opportunity.

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