Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What's news and what is not on the BBC

Last night Hamas terrorists fired two Grad missiles into Israel, tahnkfully nobody was killed but that was by luck as they were aimed at civilian areas. The BBC have chosen not to report that Hamas are still firing missiles, and not those of a 'homemade' variety, at Israel instead they still headline that 'Two Israeli military strikes on Gaza have killed eight Palestinians, including two children and four militants, officials say' and the deaths of two Palestinians at the border fence.

Presumably these rocket attacks will only be reported when Israel responds to them and then the BBC story will be about the response not the initial attack. The BBC's delegitimisation of Israel tactic is at least consistent but also unfortunately vetry successful;  a number of otherwise rational people that I know, who get their news primarily from the BBC, have a 'oh no what have Israel done now' reaction to any news of conflict between Israel and Palestinians.

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