Thursday, 31 March 2011

Finally some British Muslims ready to stand up for what is true and right, somehow I doubt that they will get positive coverage from the BBC

Melanie Phillips writes:
'A warm welcome to a new and very brave kid on the block – British Muslims for Israel. As I have often said, where someone stands on Israel is for me the litmus test of whether they are a decent and rational human being or pose a threat not merely to Jewish interests but to civilised values. Unfortunately, even among those many Muslims who are opposed to the jihad and support western democracy, animosity towards Israel often runs horrifyingly deep. Any Muslim who speaks up in defence of Israel runs significant personal risks. So those behind British Muslims for Israel, which has emerged from the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy, merit a huge amount of praise and support. They also offer a ray of hope for the future. They show that there are Muslims who pass that key civilisational litmus test with flying colours.

Listen here to their spokesman Hasan Afzal, explaining that the group was set up  to counter the dangerous notion which is gaining ground that Israel should cease to exist at all; that Muslims get a better deal if they live in Israel rather than  Saudi Arabia; and even that he would happily volunteer to be involved in Israeli hasbara – or public relations -- in the face of the ‘sophisticated internet campaign to delegitimise Israel’.
If they go on in this vein, not only will these Muslims show they are very much more enlightened, decent and rational than so many others in the British intelligentsia – they will be doing rather better at hasbara and show rather more courage in openly saying what so desperately needs to be said than the Jewish community itself.'
I am very pleased but somehow doubt that the BBC will pay this group any heed, after all they are running counter to the BBC's narrative of an evil  Israel oppressing poor innocent Palestinian Muslims.

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