Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The definition of 'brass necked cheek'?

Ed 'second choice' Balls on LBC's Alastair Campbell phone-in yesterday evening claiming that history should have taught us that it was a mistake for governments to try and fit the economy into an election cycle - breathtaking cheek but as the presenter was as bound up with labour's election strategy as the guest the comment was allowed to pass unchallenged.

I couldn't stomach more than 40 or so minutes of the ex-Iain Dale show and I am not sure that I will listen again until Iain Dale returns. If I wanted to hear Labour figures talking as though their party was not in any way responsible for the economic mess that the country is in then I would listen to the BBC.

On that note it has been noticeable for a few weeks now that whenever a Conservative spokesman on Any Questions points out that they were left an economic mess by the last Labour government, they are greeted by a groan - presumably it is considered bad form by Labour supporters to bring up the past. This is off because right up until the end of the last Labour government, present day problems were still being blamed on the previous conservative government which was by then 13 years out of power. The left really are shameless aren't they?

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