Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A simple question for Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and the rest of the Labour cabal

Which elements of this story are true?

I await your responses.

In slightly more detail, some of the claims in The Mail's report:
'Saif Gaddafi was given special assistance by MI6 while he was a student in London.

The move followed a request by Libya, which wanted protection for Colonel Gaddafi’s playboy second son to support his role as an unofficial negotiator with the British Government.


Mike O’Brien, who was a Foreign Office Minister at the time, said he had been aware of Saif’s presence in London.

He also admitted that in 2003, he had met Saif at the Foreign Office during discussions with Mousa Kousa, who was then head of Libyan intelligence. Now the Libyan Foreign Minister, Kousa was once accused of being the architect of the Lockerbie bombing and is credited with being the mastermind behind Gaddafi’s terrorist regime.


The source says he witnessed the dictator’s son meeting Western businessmen, including a man who claimed to be from BAE Systems, Britain’s biggest defence contractor, in his upmarket Knightsbridge home. Another visitor was said to have represented the Australian oil company Woodside Energy.

These alleged meetings were taking place two years before Britain reopened trade relations with Libya after Tony Blair’s famous meeting with Colonel Gaddafi in the Libyan desert in 2004.

Last night BAE confirmed that it had held negotiations with Libya around the time Saif was in London, but declined to say whether the dictator’s son was involved.'

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