Monday, 28 March 2011

The Fogel family erased from history

The BBC report that 'An Israeli air strike has killed two militants in the northern Gaza Strip, Israeli and Palestinian officials say.' and to give background explain two things. First that 'The air strike comes a day after militant groups in Hamas-run Gaza said they would halt rocket attacks on Israel if the Israelis reciprocated.' For the BBC it is always Hamas that is the reasonable party and the Israelis the intransigent ones; this is of course almost 100% the opposite of the truth. The second comment was this:
'Sunday's air strike is a blow to those calling for calm after the recent escalation in violence, the BBC's Jon Donnison in Gaza reports.
In the past week at least 10 Palestinians, including several civilians and children, have been killed by Israeli attacks.

In the same period, militants in Gaza have fired more than 80 rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel.'
What about the Fogel family and indeed Mary Jean Gardner? Do the deaths of Jews and Christians in Israel not count?

This being the BBC there is the near compulsory end note to ensure that you know where your sympathies should lie:
'...Israel's military power is vastly superior to the Palestinian militants, and if there were another major conflict - similar to Israel's major offensive more than two years ago - Gaza would again come off worse.
More than 1,300 Palestinians died in the war two years ago. Thirteen Israelis were killed.'
What percentage of the Israelis were civilians? What percentage of the Palestinians were civilians? What percentage of the Palestinian civilians were killed because Palestinian terrorists/fighters were using them as cover?

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Prasad said...

Hamas is chosen a way is very bad with terrorism mind they could not get anything with others. they could not get achieve anything. With discussions only anyone can get good results.