Friday, 25 March 2011

In case you fell for Ken Livingstone's genial old uncle act on Newsnight last night

On Hugo Chavez and Socialism

On Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

Fine words Ken but you know what taqqiya and doublespeak are. In case you really don't, here's Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi in his own words
On Christmas

Contrast with how Britain, Europe and the rest of the Western Christian world is told to accommodate the religion of Islam

On justifying suicide bombs (from 2:15)

On the Jews and Hitler and his hope for the future

What do you have to say about those comments by the man you have invited to London and described as representing 'a more progressive strand of Islam than the Wahhabi sect'? Actually Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi may well be more moderate than the Wahhabi Islamists but that is a question of degree.

Here's Peter Tatchell on Ken Livingstone and his views of Islamists

So remember who Ken Livingstone allies himself with and vote accordingly next year. He has made his choice and hopes to benefit from the large Muslim vote in London as a result. Let's hope that decent people of London of whatever religion, or none, stand up for the rights of the followers of religions other than Islam, for homosexuals, etc. In fact for all those people who the man Ken Livingstone called moderate wishes harm to.

Ken Livingstone is an unredeemed socialist, a former friend of the IRA, a recent inviter and defender of an Islamist extremist to speak in London. That's the truth about the ex, and he hopes future, Mayor of London - Ken Livingstone; let's make sure he is not re-elected to bring more shame on this great city.

As an aside it was the same Al-Qaradawi who led the prayer in Egypt's Tahrir Square following the revolution. The same Al Qaradawi who the BBC represent as being a moderate Muslim leader and who will figure somehow in the future leadership of Egypt; a man who supports suicide bombing of Israel.

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