Friday, 25 March 2011

Has William Hague heard of the Fogel family?

The Foreign Office have released William Hague's latest thoughts on the 'escalating violence in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories over the past week'. Here's what he says, can you spot what's missing?
'Speaking today the Foreign Secretary said:

“I am extremely concerned at the escalating violence in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories over the past week. We have seen a surge in rockets and mortars launched at Israeli civilians from the Gaza strip. This is abhorrent. Three people have been injured, many more are living in fear. Six Palestinian civilians, including four children, have been killed as a result of Israeli actions in the Gaza strip. We have urged the Israeli government to ensure everything is done to avoid further civilian casualties while calling for a complete end to attacks on Israel.

“And we have seen the terrible sight – which we hoped belonged to the past - of a bomb at a bus station in Jerusalem. A British woman was killed and more than 30 injured. I condemn this attack in the strongest terms and call for those responsible to be held to account. Elsewhere, we have seen Israeli settlers opening fire on a Palestinian funeral procession, wounding two mourners. Also, another Palestinian was stabbed in an unprovoked attack.

“We condemn the extremists who are instigating this violence and who are deliberately attempting to wreck the chances of peace. We call on all sides to do all that they can to prevent further loss of innocent life, to bring the perpetrators to justice and to reduce current tensions.”'
No mention of the cold-blooded murder by Palestinians of five sleeping Israelis, including three children, one of them under six months old.

Why no mention of the murdered Fogel family Mr Hague? Have you heard of their deaths and if so why mention the wounding of three Palestinians and not the violent deaths of the Fogel family? I and plenty of others in the UK are getting very sick and tired of the way Israel is treated by the UK media and politicians, we will not keep quiet for ever.

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