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Islam's Role in the Holocaust

Written because whilst Germany has apologised for its major part in the holocaust and the attempted destruction of world Jewry, the Islamic world has not apologised for its part. Atlas Shrugged has 29 posts detailing the active participation of Muslim troops in the German armed forces and in the carrying out of the holocaust. The 29 articles are long and exhaustive, here are just a few very short extracts:
'Many Muslims fought on the German side during World War II. The Wehrmacht had six legions with a Muslim majority and the SS had three Muslim divisions, a brigade and a Waffenbrigade. Each Muslim unit got a mullah as an adviser. In November 1944, an SS mullah school was established in Dresden, founded by Himmler.


Ideological whip this alliance was the notorious anti-Semite, Mohammed Amin al-Husseini (1893-1974), who as Grand Mufti of Jerusalem had a certain religious authority. The Muslims from the Soviet Union (Azerbajan, Crimea and Volga Tatars, North Caucasians, Bashkir, Uzbek and other Central Asian peoples) wer with other members of non-Russian minority peoples of the Soviet Union (Armenians, Georgians, Ukrainians) in the armed forces as may be determined Ostlegionen, in which only Non-Russians were. They were recruited mainly among Soviet prisoners of war.


What did Heinrich Himmler and Grand Mufti Amin el-Husseini have to do with each other? Oh, here, Küntzel again. "Heinrich Himmler enthused about the ideological bond between National Socialism and Islam. " He also introduced the term, "Muselgermanen" and el-Husseini pointed out the ideological similarities between Muslims and Germans. These were said to include obedience and discipline, the will to battle, and the honor of falling in battle, community, family and offspring, the glorification of labor and creating, and relations to the Jews. The Mufti declared, 'in fighting Judaism, Islam and the Nazis are coming very close to one another.'


Islamic Jew hatred. It's what drives the genocide of the Jews in the Muslim world today. It's what drove the Muslim world in their partnership with Hitler, and it fueled the oppression, humiliation, and slaughter of the Jews throughtout Islamic history.
The role of the Mufti and the Muslim world in World War II has been whitewashed from history. Why? So that they might rise again to commit the same unspeakable, horrific crimes againt humanity?
Haj Amin al-Husseini should have been executed at Nuremberg. Instead, he was given the same status of The Jewish Agency at the UN in 1947, when it was debating the partition of the Jewish State, despite the stunning evidence (documents, files, etc.) against him (outlined here) and presented to the UN.
According to testimony by Nazi war criminals, the Mufti's influence was critical to the German decision to annihilate the Jews of Europe. At the Nuremberg Trials in July 1946, Eichmann's deputy Dieter Wisliceny (subsequently executed as a war criminal) testified: (here)
"The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser of Eichmann and Himmler in the execution of this plan... He was one of Eichmann's best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures. I heard him say, accompanied by Eichmann, he had visited incognito the gas chambers of Auschwitz."
Now we find that the Nazis promised the leader of the Muslim world, Haj Amin al-Husseini, 
leadership of Palestine after slaughter of its Jews, according to a US report.


A newly released report by the US National Archives details the close collaborative relationship between Nazi leaders and the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, indicating that Nazi authorities planned to use Husseini as their leader after their conquest of Palestine.

Husseini was paid handsomely by the Nazis for his efforts, recruited Muslims for the SS and was promised that he would be made Palestine’s leader after its Jewish population of 350,000 had been murdered.

The report, Hitler’s Shadow: Nazi War Criminals, US Intelligence and the Cold War, was prepared on the basis of thousands of documents declassified under the 1998 Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act.

“Hitler’s Shadow” is an addendum to a 2004 US government report, US Intelligence and the Nazis.

The new report’s authors, Norman J.W. Goda of the University of Florida and Richard Breitman of American University, said the addendum was particularly important.

“We thought the information was significant and detailed,” Breitman told The Jerusalem Post regarding the newly uncovered facts on the Jerusalem mufti in particular.

“We thought the April 1945 contract between the [German] Foreign Office and Husseini was striking evidence of an ideological collaboration both sides hoped would continue after the war.”

Husseini, who died in Beirut in 1974, was apparently paid 50,000 marks per month, and 80,000 additional marks a month for living expenses, according to a contract with the Germans. This was a time when a German field officer typically earned 25,000 marks a year.

According to the report, on November 28, 1941, Adolf Hitler told Husseini that the Afrika Korps would “liberate” Arabs in the Middle East and that “Germany’s only objective there would be the destruction of the Jews.”

“SS leaders and Husseini both claimed that Nazism and Islam had common values as well as common enemies – above all, the Jews,” the report states.


What follows are excerpts from the 1947 Maurice Pearlman book, The Mufti of Jerusalem:

“Perish Judea”
Extermination of European Jewry

“Arabs, rise and fight as one for your sacred rights. Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion. This saves your honour, God is with you.”

This, and similar appeals recurred time and again in the ex-Mufti’s broadcast addresses, during the war. They occur in almost every extract reproduced in the chapter on Haj Amin’s propaganda activities. It was known during the war that Jews in Europe were being exterminated. It was known that the ex- Mufti had had a hand in the massacres of Jews in the Arab countries. But it was not known until after that war that Haj Amin’s anti-Jewish activities had extended beyond the incitement stage.

It has now been established that five million seven hundred thousand Jews in Europe were exterminated in Nazi concentration camps. It has now also been established that the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el Husseini, played an active role in that unprecedented massacre of a people. Records found in Nazi archives and evidence produced at the Nuremberg trial reveal in specific terms that the ex-Mufti was a leading henchman of the SS Obersturmbannfuehrer Eichmann, principal executive officer in the liquidation of European Jewry. It is now established that, but for Haj Amin, the scale of murder might not have been so extensive, and hundreds of thousands of Jewish lives might have been saved.

Suspicions that the ex-Mufti’s voice was not being used for the microphone alone were first aroused in 1942 when the first European Jewish refugees managed to reach Palestine. They brought stories from some of Europe’s ghettoes where German Templars (see chapter 9, page 55) were reported to be in charge of the liquidation of Jews under the supreme direction of Eichmann. Eichmann, who had himself spent some years in Palestine as a Nazi agent, was an expert on Jewish affairs, and he had directed the Gestapo department of Jewish affairs at the Gestapo head office in Berlin since 1936. It was he who before the war had directed the expropriation and dispatch to concentration camps of German Jews. It was he who after the war had started organized the deportation of Jews from Germany and the occupied territories to what eventually became the extermination camps in German, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. It was he who planned the gas chamber method of mass murder.

It was assumed that there might be some connection between Haj Amin and Eichmann as soon as it was learned that he had roped in the Palestinian German Templars as some of his key men. This assumption was strengthened bt a Radio Berlin broadcast of 5th October, 1943, which reported that “Haj Amin el Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem, has arrived in Frankfurt for the purpose of visiting the research Institute on Jewish Problem. At the time of his visit, Haj Amin declared that the Arabs and the Germans are partners and allies in the battle against world Jewry.”

Subsequent German broadcasts showed that the ex-Mufti was a leading figure at most of the anti-Jewish conventions in Germany and the occupied territories. In July, 1943, the Nazis announced that, unable to attend that Nazi conference of journalists held in Vienna, the Mufti had sent them a message “congratulating them on the success of their anti-Jewish campaign and conveyed special greetings to Arab and Indian delegates.”

Then came a hint in one of Haj Amin’s broadcasts which was not fully understood at the time. In a Berlin radio speech on 21st September 1944, the ex-Mufti asked: “Is it not in your power, O Arabs, to repulse the Jews whose number does not exceed eleven millions?”

Why “eleven millions”? No one outside Germany knew at the time the scale of Jewish extermination. It was known that before the war the Jewish population numbered nearly seventeen millions. The ex-Mufti’s figure was written off at the time as a slip of the tongue, or an error in the script. But now the facts are known. It was no arithmetic error. Haj Amin knew then what only Hitler, Himmler and Eichmann knew: that more than five million Jews had been liquidated.

But real evidence of Haj Amin’s complicity emerged only with the defeat of Nazism, the Allied occupation of Germany, and the evidence of produced at the Nuremberg trial.

The first revealing document to be discovered was Document No. 1752- PS headed “Preparations already made for the International Congress.” It was dated “Berlin, 15th June 1944,” and it opened with this sentence: “Reichsleader Alfred Rosenberg received the order from the Fuhrer to stage an anti-Jewish congress….It was fixed for the 11th July and held in the eastern Reich, under the auspices of Himmler, Goebbels, Dr. Frank and Von Ribbentrop. Representatives of most of the satellite countries attended it. The document adds:

Italy: Minister for National Enlightenment, Mezzasoma (hon. Committee).

The former Minister of State, Preziosi (congress committee and congress lecturer.

France: Minister for Education, Avel Bonnard (hon. Committee).

Secretary of State, Paul Marion (congress committee).

Hungary : Minister for the Interior, von Jarosh (hon. Committee and congress lecturer).

Holland: Leader of the NSB, Mussert (personally invited by Reichsleader Rosenberg during the latter’s stay in Holland).

Arabia: The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (hon. Committee and congress lecturer).

Norway: At the present moment, a representative of Reichsleader Rosenberg has arrived here in order personally to convey an invitation to a Prime Minister Quisling to attend.”

It is a digression but nevertheless a point of interest that of all these congress committee members mentioned above, the ex-Mufti is the only one who is free and alive. The rest were either executed or condemned to death in absentia. Mezzasoma was shot with Mussolini on 28th April, 1945; Marion is, at the time of writing, in a French prison awaiting trail; Bonnard fled to Barcelona with Laval and was sentenced to death in absentia on 7th April 1946; Jarossh was condemned to death by a Hungarian People’s Court in January, 1946; Quisling of Norway was sentenced to death and executed 24th October, 1945.'

The reports go on and on and on and can be a little repetitive as the same subjects and photos do crop up more than once however this is a story that hardly ever gets a mention in the main stream media (MSM) and is one that explains a lot about modern Islam's war against Israel and Jews in general. Why this story is not something that the MSM wants to explore I will leave to your imagination but I think the reasons are self-evident.

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