Sunday, 15 February 2009

This group should produce an unbiased report...

The BBC delightedly report that:
"A group of British MPs is due to visit Gaza to assess the effects of the recent Israeli military offensive."

I think that we might be able to predict the tone of their report from the fact that they are all members of the Britain-Palestine All Party Parliamentary Group. They say that they hope to visit international aid operations, including UN-run sites, if allowed in to Gaza. I wonder if they will be asking the Egyptians to allow them into Gaza or will they just be using this visit to attack Israel.

The BBC and some UK Parliamentary anti-Israel sheep, what a combination.

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Unknown said...

Pointless exercise all round really.

The report as you say will say nothing Abu Bowen, Galloway, Ahmed and the BBC hasn't said already.

That said, whatever it does say won't amount to anything anyway because what are they going to do? The BBC and Britain rightly have very little influence on the only true democracy in the Middle East.