Thursday, 30 July 2009

An end to hot food on BA short-haul flights

Alex Masterley has picked up on BA's decision to
"scrap all meals, except breakfast, on its short-haul flights. Passengers on flights after 10am, which last less than two-and-half hours, will only be served drinks and snacks, andwill not have the option to buy food."
Quite rightly Alex Masterley points out the difference between cost-cutting and service cutting but I have a different angle. Mrs NotaSheep and I usually try to fly British Airways whenever possible as the service and punctuality seems to be better than on the "cheaper" options whilst the cost once "extras" have been taken into account tends not to be too far away from the cut-price (and services) airlines. One thing that really annoys me about BA though is their cheese fetish. The number of short-haul flights where cheese is in every food option or on some occasions in the only food option is ridiculous. I am allergic to cheese and find the smell of hot cheese totally revolting, so being on a short-haul BA flight when warm mini-pizzas are served is no joke; time to lock myself away in a toilet.

So I applaud BA's decision; it may be wrong from a service and economics point of view but for me it works...

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