Monday, 27 July 2009

Labour appeasement

I am not a happy NotaSheep this morning. The news that our Labour government wants to talk to "moderate" elements of the Tailban is not surprising but Douglas Alexander's comments this morning left me very angry. Apparently this tactic worked in Northern Ireland. If by worked he meant that we released a lot of convicted murderous terrorists, gave areas of our cities over to gang rule and allowed terrorists and their supporters to be elected into public office, then this tactic worked. I prefer to think of it as appeasement.

I presume that if people like Douglas Alexander had been in government in the early 1940s they would have been pushing for talks with "moderate" members of the Nazi government and making pathetic comments about the feelings of the relatives of the war dead.

Just when I think that this vile Labour government could not get any worse, it manages it.

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