Tuesday 28 July 2009

How much lower can they go?

Almost every day this Labour government manages to surprise me with how low they can stoop in getting more petty, more mean or more incompetent. This time it's the news that the MOD are going to the Court of Appeal to try to significantly reduce the compensation awarded to two injured soldiers. Both had their original measly payouts increased due to complications, but the MOD is now arguing that they should only be compensated for their "original injuries".

So what are the MOD arguing over? Millions like they have wasted on poor procurement and fitting up new offices? No... the injured soldiers were initially awarded £9,250 and £8,250 respectively, but they appealed to a tribunal and the amounts were increased to £46,000 and £28,750. So this pathetic, armed forces hating Labour government, are arguing the toss over £57,250! I don't care if it might "set a precedent", these soldiers are putting their lives on the line having been sent to war by this Labour government. The awards are pathetically pusillanimous by civilian standards and it is an insult to our armed forces and the whole country to try and get the awards reduced. The fact that no minister would even come on the Today programme to defend the position shows the courage of the Labour ministers who spout platitudes about supporting our armed forces but in reality...

Please note that the Minister of State for the Armed Forces,Bob Ainsworth, featured in the recent MPs expenses scandal. He was criticized for allegedly excessive claims for repairs to his second home and in 2007-8 he claimed the maximum permissible amount of £23,083 for second-home allowances, making him the joint highest claimant. Bob Ainsworth was also one of the 98 MPs who in 2007 voted to keep MPs' expense details exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. So does Bob Ainsworth think it right that his second home allowance for one year is worth more than the partial disability of two soldiers?

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