Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Yesterday I blogged about the Labour idea of talking to moderate elements of the Taliban, presumably those who want to use only small stones to kill adulteresses. So it was with great interest that I read in The LA Times that:
"Cleric who negotiated Taliban-Pakistan peace deal is arrested - B.K.Bangash / Associated Press - Sufi Mohammed, in glasses, is shown in April after an address to supporters in Mingora. Pakistani authorities said he was detained without incident near Peshawar.
Taliban-aligned Sufi Mohammed arranged a truce in the Swat Valley, but militants have since reneged on the deal. Mohammed, father-in-law of a Taliban leader, is accused of militancy and violence."

Moderate from what angle? Once again we have a Labour government of appeasers and fools (often both) who believe that we can negotiate with people who hate us and want us dead.

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