Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tony Blair at the Iraq Inquiry

The news that Sir John Chilcot has said that Tony Blair would be among those asked to give evidence and that he did not expect anyone to refuse does not fill me with great confidence. Unless Tony Blair and others are under oath, wired to a polygraph and given a sodium pentothal injection first, I will find it hard to believe their version of events.


Bazza said...

Good message - and I'm sure the majority of people agree with it. Two "New" Labour figures, both liars - and a disgrace to the Labour Party.

Blogg Dogg said...

Turns out Blair preferred to be remembered a well intentioned, god-fearing, gullible fool rather than an outright, war-mongering liar worshipping at the shrine of Halliburton et al.

(Maybe he saw himself as a Mad Maggie reincarnation, hoping go down in history by emulating her Malvinas bloodbath fiasco?)