Thursday 23 July 2009

A murderer is to visit the scene of his crime

I am sickened to read in The Mail that:
"The man who blew up a Brighton hotel in the IRA's most deadly attack in Britain has been invited back to the city for the 25th anniversary of the blast.

Patrick Magee killed five people when he planted a bomb at a hotel hosting the Conservative Party conference in October 1984.

He almost succeeded in assassinating the then prime minister Margaret Thatcher and killed government whip, Sir Anthony Berry, with his 30lb bomb.

An official commemoration marking the bombing is being planned at the Brighton Grand hotel and will be led by the Tory peer Lord Tebbit and his wife Margaret, who was paralysed in the blast.

They will unveil a memorial plaque on 12 October, 25 years on from a bomb blast that shocked British society."
So one of the men who committed mass murder (5 people is a mass, right) is to visit the scene of his crime. Who on earth is inviting him?
"Sir Anthony's daughter, Jo Berry, has invited Magee after they became good friends since his early release from prison in 1999 under the terms of the Good Friday agreement.

'I'm sure it [inviting Magee] will be a controversial move but I've thought long and hard about it,' said Ms Berry in the Independent.

'The reason why I feel OK about inviting Pat down is because the film is bigger than the two of us and it is about creating something positive from conflict. Pat's in a very different place to where he was 25 years ago.'"
Oh excellent, one
of the murdered's relatives, that's a nice touch. Anyway, why isn't Magee still in prison for this act of premeditated mass murder? Oh sorry he was released early under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, that was the piece of vile legislation that saw the release of murderers and other criminals so they, their associates and bosses could serve as politicians in Northern Ireland and beyond. They were released so that Tony Blair could look good by claiming to bring peace to Northern Ireland when in fact he had just sold out a part of the UK to terrorists and related scum.

Is there nobody who sees Macgee for what he is? Well there is:
"The invitation is likely to cause controversy, not least for Lord Tebbit who has said he can never forgive Magee.

He said he would only want to bump into the Irishman 'with a heavy truck'.

Margaret and Norman Tebbit were buried under tonnes of rubble as the ceiling above them collapsed. It took firemen hours to reach them and both were severely injured.

But while Lord Tebbit recovered fully from his injuries, Margaret has been paralysed from the neck down for the past 25 years and has needed round-the-clock carers.

Exact plans for the official commemoration at the Brighton Grand have still to be finalised, but Mr Tebbit and his wife will unveil a memorial plaque. Invitations have also gone out to fellow survivors."

I hope that Magee does not even try to turn up at the Brighton Grand commemoration in October, and if he does I hope someone ushers him away, as to my mind his presence their would be a vile act. After all do we invite John Demjanjuk to commemorations at the Nazi Sobibor death camp? Do we invite Oskar Groening to Auschwitz for commemorative ceremonies?

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