Sunday, 19 July 2009

Why do Labour hate motorists so much?

Why do Labour hate motorists so much or is it all about the money? I read that:
"Victims of violent crime are to have their compensation slashed if they have previously committed minor offences such as speeding.

Individual payments to assault and rape victims will be reduced by up to £37,500 as part of a £25million public- spending cuts programme ordered by the Government, it was claimed last night.

Five million motorists could be affected - with magistrates fining up to a million drivers in a year and their convictions becoming 'spent' only after five years."

Here's the view of the Conservatives;
"Shadow Justice Secretary Dominic Grieve said: 'People will be astonished that Ministers are targeting victims of crime simply because they may have committed minor traffic violations - for which they have already paid the penalty - while prisoners released early are being given compensation for the food and accommodation they would have received free.

'The idea that a rape victim or the parents of a murdered child should have their compensation docked for a speeding conviction years earlier is a revolting proposition."

Just when I thought my disdain for this Labour government could not get any stronger, they manage to go that one step further.

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