Thursday, 30 July 2009

An example of the tech magazine love-in with Apple

Tech magazines like Stuff and T3 just love Apple's products, nothing can match the awe and excitement that greets the new iPhone or iTouch. The sheer amazement as Apple introduce such world beating features such as a semi-decent camera or the ability to "cut and paste" is both palpable and pathetic. So I was interested to read this month's T3 (September 2009!) and especially its review across pages 96 & 97 of "Urban satnav". Each of the 5 main devices gets a short review and then a "LOVE" and "HATE" summary. Did I say "each of the 5"? I mean each of the 5 apart from the Apple solution, for at the end of that review the magazine just cannot bear to have a "HATE" section and so have two sections headed "LOVE".

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