Friday, 31 July 2009

The Top 10 Political Blogging Tricks

Not mine, what would I know? But Charlotte Gore's from her blog. I think they might be somewhat tongue-in-cheek...

My favourite top trick:
"#8. Blog Design REALLY MATTERS

To be a truly successful blogger you MUST:

- Lots and lots of advertising. Sign up with Google Adwords, Message Space and every other thing that’ll have you. A blog without adverts doesn’t look professional.

- Lots of buttons, widgets and if your blogroll doesn’t have at least 200 links then you’re going to look like a noob. Don’t be a noob. Think of it like modding a car. If you can fit it, you should fit it, because the more junk the MOAR AWESOME your blog is."

Excellent stuff and of course tip 11 is to post a witty post on blogging and hope to get picked up by other narcissistic bloggers, hey it worked!

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