Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Always the Jews, always the Jews

An interview with an Occupy Wall St. protester from 5 October 2011
"President Obama is a Jewish puppet" - Hmm, sure sounds delusional to me.
Thanks to Israelly Cool for this video spot.

Rev. Stephen Sizer, who has a habit of associating with Holocaust Deniers, notorious antisemites, and Islamists who support terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, said that church leaders refuse to speak out about Israel’s crimes because of “guilt for the Holocaust and fear of anti-Semitism”. Sizer further added that churches which side with “the occupation” and Zionism have “repudiated Jesus, have repudiated the bible and are an abomination”
Thanks to Cif Watch for this video spot.

Pat Condell has his own take on this

Pat Condell claims that Muslim children are brainwashed to hate Jews; is he right?

Jews are "Apes and pigs"; hmm where have I heard that before?

Thankfully that is in the Middle East and not in the UK...

What is wrong with the world? Why do so many people hate the Jews so much? Why do so few people realise or care what hatred and untruths are being spread by the Saudis throughout Europe and America as well as by others in the Middle East?

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