Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hamas - Just listen to what they say?

So do you still think that Hamas want peace and a state to exist alongside Israel in a two-state solution? Do you really think that Hamas want a return to the pre 1967 war borders?

Hamas admit, no brag, that they want to destroy Israel, kill all Jews and impose Islam on the world. What more do they have to say for the BBC and others to portray their aims accurately? How have we come to a situation where Israel is described as aggressive for reacting disproportionately to Hamas attacks on Israel? How is it that Israel is castigated for not advancing the peace process whilst Hamas's hate-speech is ignored?

I have just realised that I never received a response to this complaint on a related matter, I suppose I should chase it up.

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Ed P said...

Hamas are revolting sub-humans.

But I find it amusing their name sounds like a meat Muslims wouldn't eat, followed by a mild swear word.

Perhaps to avoid this they could change it to something like Goatcock or Lambwee?