Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The perils of name badges

Yesterday I was at a client where I met a young lady who I had not met before. Nobody introduced us and having discussed work matters for a few minutes it was then embarrassing to ask her name, she already knew mine.

I thought a quick glance at her name badge which was attached to her top would be the best move. So whilst she was talking to me I let my gaze drop to her badge and as I looked back up to her face, she looked most disapprovingly at me... I was looking at her badge to find out what her name was, she obviously thought I was looking at her breasts (well one of them).

I was too embarrassed to explain so it now looks as though I now have a client where one member of staff thinks I look at the breasts of staff and may be telling her colleagues this; what should I do?


Ed P said...

In future, attach your own name badge to the front of your trousers.

Not a sheep said...

Oddly if I have to wear a name badge I always attach it to the side of my belt. In this case I was badgeless.

Clear Memories said...

There can be bigger perils with name-badges. Some years ago, I was at a conference and met a young lady from the media.

She wore two badges - 'Pat' and 'Press'.

And you think you were in a quandary ........

Not a sheep said...

Clear Memories: Isn't that what contract lawyers call an 'invitation to treat'?