Wednesday, 26 October 2011


That was an hour that sped by with more cries of wow in this house than I can remember. The cause? David Attenborough's BBC documentary Frozen Planet. If you watch no other television this week, watch this programme - simply wonderful television, I could even forgive the occasional global warming narrative. The most spectacular scenery, mind boggling facts and close-ups of animals in the raw.


Ed P said...

The scenery was fabulous, but DA's breathless/pompous delivery grates with me, so I turned the sound down.
There was a lot of hidden AGW bollocks embedded in it too - assumptions based on what are now known to be unreliable data & debunked scares.

Not a sheep said...

Attenborough can be popmpous & I do feel that he has dumbed down over the past few years. Yes there was a fair bit of AGW crap BUT the visuals were stunning and for that I recommend the programme.