Sunday, 30 October 2011

A BBC misleading lead-in line

An Israeli man has been killed by a rocket attack from Gaza after nine Palestinian militants were killed by Israeli air strikes on the south of the Gaza Strip.'

So that line sets a chronology of Israel killing nine Palestinians before the Palestinian killed one Israeli. Is that the case? The actual BBC article seems to differ somewhat from that lead-in line:
'An Israeli man has been killed by rockets fired from the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian militants had vowed to retaliate after five militants were killed by an Israeli air strike on the south of the Gaza Strip.

Another four Palestinians were killed in further Israeli air raids after the rocket attacks.'
That would seem to suggest that the order was somewhat different, so why the misleading lead-in line? I can only assume the BBC want to portray Israel as 'starting the killing'. Of course the reason for the initial attack is not mentioned until much further down the article:
'The spokesman said that the first attack, about midday local time, specifically targeted a cell responsible for a long-range rocket attack on Wednesday, that exploded deep inside Israel. That attack had caused no casualties.'
So what is Israel meant to do? Not respond to rocket and mortar attacks on Israel until someone is killed? The BBC and its fellow travellers on the left of politics have decided to throw their weight behind the Islamic terrorists and take every opportunity to try and denigrate and delegitimise Israel. I am regularly disgusted by the BBC's biased coverage of affairs in and around Israel and that is why this blog has become rather Israel-centric in recent months.

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