Saturday, 8 October 2011

The great smell of eco-hypocrisy

From 2009 we read that:
'Lord Turner suggested that Britons might have to cut back on their overseas breaks.

He said the Government should urgently consider imposing individual restrictions to help reduce pollution caused by planes.

Lord Turner, chairman of Parliament's climate change committee, said: 'We will have to constrain demand in an absolute sense, with people not allowed to make as many journeys as they could in an unconstrained manner.''
In 2011 we read in The Telegraph (although oddly not online) that Lord Turner has spent an average of more than £4,500 a month on international air travel.
'The FSA usually bans its executives from flying in anything but economy class, but Lord Turner has secured an exemption.


... embarrassing as he is charged with both cutting carbon emissions and reining in the excessive behaviour in the City. Flying in first class creates double the carbon emissions of cheaper seats.'

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