Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I have changed my mind, maybe there is something in the idea of a 'one state solution' for the Middle East

Does Andrew Klavan persuade you? He does make some good points in this video.


Alex said...

"Obama has suggested Israel should return to its 1967 borders in return for being annihilated" - First, I don't think Klavan understands what annihilation means. Second, Obama simply acknowledges that a return to pre-land grab borders is a requirement for a peaceful settlement.

"Jimmy Carter and other leftists pretending not to be anti-Semites" - HAHAHAHAHA! Absolutely superb stuff.

I notice you have made a huge number of Israel-related posts. Is there any particular reason you're so interested?

Not a sheep said...

Your use of this line speaks volumes - 'a return to pre-land grab borders is a requirement for a peaceful settlement.' - A land grab? Israel was invaded by countries determined to destroy it, beat them off and as a result took some of the land that had been promised to Israel some 50+ years earlier.

I do seem to have made a lot of Israel related posts recently and it does trouble me slightly. This blog was not set up to cover Israeli issues, indeed in its early days it was mostly about BBC bias and the war on the UK motorist. I am not Israeli, indeed I have never been to Israel; however I am Jewish. However I see the barrage of hate that is fired at Israel by western liberals, especially the BBC, as vile and unfair.

I see the Isael question as one of the great moral questions of our time. I don't agree with every supporter of Israel but I find that anyone who opposes Israel is probably someone that I would not want to have dinner with.