Monday, 17 October 2011

Thank heavens for the bottomless public purse

I caught an interview on the Radio 4 Today programme this morning with a spokesman for the Childrens Society. He seemed most exercised that so many children, around 700, had been held for between 8 and 10 (but 'a number' for up to 24 hours at Heathrow Airport. The children were held on suspicion of being trafficked or claiming asylum but the spokesman's main concern was that the conditions they were being held in were 'degrading'.

Some points struck me, first that although he was reminded that that the vast majority were held for 8-12 hours he kept saying that 'a number' were held for up to 24 hours. 'A number' - how many? 1 is a number.The second point was that he was calling for the children to be released from Heathrow Airport and sent to local authority care as soon as possible. Thank heavens for the bottomless public purse that can afford to house an infinite number of needy foreigners.

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