Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The release of Gilad Shalit

Yesterday's release of Gilad Shalit from his terrorist kidnappers in Gaza has left me conflicted. On the one hand I feel joy for Gilad and his family & friends that he is released from his illegal captivity but on the other hand I fear that the price paid my be too high.

I have a tough few days ahead of me so here are some interesting views about the 'prisoner swap' that I have found on the web:
1) Melanie Phillips has her own views on the Egyptian media interview with Gilad Shalit, something I have noticed the BBC have only alluded to but that I think shows the true nature of Hamas and the new Egypt. Melanie Phillips also picks up on some BBC bias. The BBC biased against Israel, what a shock!

2) Jihad Watch contrast the physical appearance of Gilad Shalit after five years illegal detention in Gaza with that of the Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli jails.

3) Haaretz asks 'Who are the Palestinian prisoners set for release in Shalit deal?' and reveals the unsurprising news that 'New details reveal prisoners include terrorists involved in planning and carrying out attacks at checkpoints, restaurants and army bases.'

'More than 100 are hardcore militants, serving multiple life-sentences for high-casualty suicide bombings - one life-sentence for each fatality in the attacks they were convicted of helping to plan and implement.

Among the prisoners included for release are Nasser Yataima, who was sentenced to 29 life sentences for the 2002 bombing of a Netanya hotel on Passover; Yussuf Dhib Hamed Abu Aadi, who was convicted of stabbing IDF soldier Nir Kahana at the Qalandiya checkpoint in 2005 and was sentenced to life in prison; and Nahid Abd al-Rauf al-Fakhuri, who recruited suicide bombers in Hebron and was sentenced to 22 years in jail.

Other prisoners set for release include:

Ayad Musa Salem Abayat – Convicted of being part of a group that killed IDF soldiers Lt. David-Hen Cohen and Sgt. Shlomo Adshina, and assisting the group that murdered Dvora Friedman in March 2003. He was sentenced to three life sentences.

Kamal Abd al-Rahrnan Arif Awd – Convicted of placing a bomb in Netanya in 2001. The bomb was discovered by security forces before it exploded. He also took part in several unsuccessful shootings.Sentenced to 19 years in prison.

Ashraf Khalid Husain Hanani – Arrested in 2006 in Jerusalem's Old City carrying an explosive. The military court sentenced him to 28 years in prison. The judges wrote in their verdict against Hanani that "this is not a passive person who was being played by whoever sent him, but a person who demonstrated great will to carry out the attack, who took part in the preparations, who offered the location of the attack and the route, and who was caught carrying the explosive belt on his way… to murder as many as possible."

Lui Muhammad Ahmed Awda – A Tanzim member who tried to organize a suicide attack in Jerusalem in 2003. The suicide bomber was shot and killed by Border Patrol officers. Awda was sentenced to 28 years in prison.

Ibrahim Muhammad Yunus Dar Musa - Took part in the attacks in Zrifin army base and the Hillel coffee shop in Jerusalem in 2003 by distributing to the media tapes of the suicide bombers. Sentenced to 17 years for having prior knowledge of the attack.

Amjad Ahmad Muhammad Abu Arqub – Recruited the man who carried out the attack in Carmei Tzur, in which two civilians and a female soldiers were killed. Sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Samir Faisal Sawafita – Active in Hamas operations in the northern West Bank. Hid an explosive belt, and drove two suicide bombers who failed their mission. Was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Ramzi Ibrahim Muhammad al-Ak – Convicted over links to firing toward the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, placing explosive devices, as well as bringing together a suicide bomber and a terror squad in a bombing which resulted in the death of two people. Was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Kabel Sami Mustafa Sha'abl – Aided a suicide bombing in the entrance to the West Bank city of Ariel in October 2002, which resulted in the death of 3 people. Was sentenced to 25 years in prison. '

The BBC are keen to report that Gilad Shalit statement that he wants to work for peace the BBC seem somewhat more reluctant to report that Khaled Mashal, the Chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau, told the media last week that "Those released will return to armed struggle. It is a great national achievement."

It's an interesting comparison to make but not one that the BBC seemed at all interested in making.

It seems rather likely that a large number of the Palestinian terrorists and others now released from Israeli jails will return to terrorist activities and that as a result more innocent Israelis will be killed or maimed. I wonder how/if the BBC will report such incidents?

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