Saturday, 15 October 2011

But it's the Tea Party that are racist?

The BBC told us that the Tea Party was full of racists and so worthy only of our contempt. By way of contrast, the BBC seem very keen to raise the profile and sing the praises of the Occupy the Street people in New York. Does this video clip mean that the Occupy the street movement is anti-Semitic?

Thanks to Biased BBC for the video spot.


Anonymous said...

This woman is clearly bonkers.

However, can you give us any examples of the BBC "singing the praises" of the Occupy Wall Street protesters? And try not to rely on Biased BBC for your research. Online links would be fine, I'm not asking you to remember dates and times of news reports.

Not a sheep said...

Tone, dear boy/girl, Tone.

Which part of the Biased-BBC research do you disagree with?