Monday, 28 January 2008

Another day, another Ken Livingstone linked sleaze story

Apparently "Lee Jasper has admitted that £18,000 of City Hall money was improperly diverted to bail out a private company of which he is a director.

But Ken Livingstone's senior race adviser insisted he had known nothing of the payment. A Scotland Yard inquiry has now begun to determine whether Mr Jasper's denial is true.

The inquiry, into a project known as Ethnic Mutual, is the fifth separate police investigation to be launched into a City Hall project in as many weeks, but is the most dangerous so far for Mr Jasper."

Do read the whole story. Is time running out for Lee Jasper? Perhaps a new prison will need to be opened just to house, Lee Jasper, Peter Hain, Wendy Alexander, Harriet Harman and any other Labour "bigwigs" who will fall foul of the authorities in the next six months.

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