Monday, 28 January 2008

BBC redress the bias

I have commented previously about the way that the BBC fill their UK Politics home page with pro- Labour stories and ignore the Conservative party as much as possible. I see that today they have a story about the Conservative party as their lead story, you will not be surprised to learn that this story is a negative one "Tory MP Conway faces suspension - A complaint about MP Derek Conway's payments to his son is upheld by the standards committee of MPs.".

Strange how when the story is about a Conservative MP the story is the findings of the supervisory body but when the story concerns a Labour minister then the story is "Johnson denies donor laws broken" or "Hain quits jobs 'to clear name'".

Most peculiar, one could almost believe that the BBC was biased in favour of the Labour party and against the Conservative party.

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Anonymous said...

There has been a slight change in emphasis on Radio 4, as the 5PM programme surprisingly showed balance in reflecting both sides of the argument on the misuse of MP's allowances.
Could it be that what has happened was inevitable since it took a UKIP / BNP person to blow the whistle on a malpractice that is widely believed to be endemic?
Now a Labour MP has broken ranks and complained, and broken the unspoken law not to attack the other parties on the issue of allowances.
It will be interesting to see if the high costs of certain Labour MP's, and others, will now be exposed - The next week will be very interesting.