Saturday, 26 January 2008

BBC at it again...

Once again I have been looking at the BBC's Politics home page and once again the bias is obvious.

The top story is: "No more resignations, says Browne - No more senior Labour figures will quit over the donations row, according to Defence Secretary Des Browne."

That's covering a Labour sleaze story by spinning it to a story that that is reporting an end to the resignations - how convenient for Harriet Harman.

Story two is: "FSA 'failed over Northern Rock' - The Financial Services Authority failed in its duty over the Northern Rock crisis, a key committee of MPs says."

That's covering a news story with negative links to Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling by covering jus the report by the Labour dominated Treasury Committee.

Story three is: "Straw in talks over bail murder - Justice Secretary Jack Straw is meeting the family of Garry Newlove, murdered by a youth who was out on bail."

A nice positive story about a Labour minister.

Let's look at the "OTHER TOP STORIES":
"'Double standard' on data safety" - An article critical of HM Revenue and Customs (see my article for comment

"Cut the soundbites, Cameron told" - An article repeating criticism of David Cameron made by Ken Clarke

"Number 10 rejects Karzai claims" - An article repudiating criticism or British troops

"Brown global bank reform call" - A pro Gordon Brown article

"Teachers to ballot on pay strike" - A story about a public sector union fighting government pay controls

"MP Malik on wedding countdown" - "Britain's first Muslim minister has announced he is to marry the "woman of his dreams" on 10 February. Shahid Malik, 40, and his bride-to-be - a 24-year-old trainee solicitor - will marry in a Muslim ceremony in London in front of around 500 guests." - Is this really the ninth most important UK political story? Or is it there because it is pro a Muslim Labour MP?

The only mention of Peter Hain is "PETER HAIN RESIGNS - Peter Hain profile" - No criticism just a profile.

Then come the minor stories:
"Lib Dem fears on Murphy's return" - Finally an anti-Labour story, but it is about Wales so who outside of Wales will read it?

"Full text: Hain and Brown letters" - Just the text, no comment

"Reaction: Peter Hain resignation" - Carefully balanced, can't have too much criticism of Peter Hain and certainly not of Gordon Brown

"Murphy back as Welsh Secretary" - Positive story about new Labour minister

"Purnell heads reshuffle changes" - Positive story about new Labour minister

"Timeline: Hain funding row" - Finally some of the Hain case facts

I should go on and analyse the "MORE FROM POLITICS" section, but Mrs NotaSheep is calling me and I think the stories speak for themselves:

"MPs choose sub-inflation pay rise

Darling revises capital gains tax

Terror detention plans unveiled

Livingstone defends mayor power

Salmond pledges job loss support

PR rejected for general elections

Galloway plans Assembly bid

Mayor Livingstone defends staff

Council tax 'set to rise by 4%'

WMD dossier 'should be public'

Millions lost in NHS private fees

Brown appoints new chief of staff

Expenses details 'to be published'

Champion free trade - Cameron

Point-by-point: Question time

Labels 'key to tackling obesity'"

The BBC bias shines through as always.

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