Monday, 28 January 2008

Deep Cleaning the NHS

A progress report from Dr Rant.

"Quite simply, the ‘deep clean’ team is simply a collection of migrant floor-cleaners, who are mopping hospital floors rather that the local McDonalds. They are not highly trained infection control workers. They are not using state of the art cleaning equipment (Dr Rant does not consider a mop to be ‘state of the art’). And they do not appear to be doing anything more than a routine hospital cleaner would be doing.

Except for the bright yellow tee-shirt, of course.

The problems with hospital acquired infections is that NHS hospitals require far more than a simple mop and bucket. Washing a layer of dirt of a twenty year-old Skoda car will not hide the fact that it has a crap engine...

Telling doctors to remove their ties and watches will make fuck-all difference when patients are practically shitting on each other because of ward over-crowding. Four hour A+E waits force patients onto wards that have not yet been cleaned. And existing cleaners are neither motivated nor encouraged."

Do read the rest of the article.

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