Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Global warming?

Compare and contrast:

9 January and 22 January.

On 9 January, "A famous ice festival in China, that attracts tens of thousands of tourists, appears to be the latest victim of rising global temperatures.
The festival, in Harbin in the far northeast of China, has become the city's biggest individual source of income since it was launched in 1985. But that income is under threat because the ice sculptures are starting to melt much earlier than usual. Last year, Harbin's average temperature was 6.6C, the highest on record...But higher local temperatures mean that even in January the midday sun starts to melt many of the sculptures. And the warmer weather is reducing the length of the tourist season."

On 22 January, "Unusually heavy snow has left at least 16 people dead and brought transport chaos to large areas of central and eastern China, state media said.
Worst hit is Hubei province, where crops have been destroyed and roads blocked by the heaviest snow seen in the area for 16 years...More snow is forecast for central China over the next two days, meteorologists said."

It's called weather, it is variable. So is the climate, although the MMCC brigade seem to think that any variance from the "norm" is dangerous and the fault of the industrialised West.

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