Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Let's lay my cards on the table, I am a long time fan of Doctor Who and was so happy when the BBC revived the programme. Christopher Eccleston was a fair Dr Who no maybe on a par with Peter Davison; David Tennant is a seriously good one, maybe as good as Jon Pertwee although he is of course no Tom Baker.

So Torchwood intrigued me, an adult Dr Who meets X-Files seemed worth a watch and I quite enjoyed the first series. Last week's first episode of the new series was however so contrived that it hurt, but worse than that was the way that Russell T. Davies had to thrust Captain Jack's bisexuality down our throats at every opportunity. Mr Davies; we know Captain Jack is bisexual, we understand that he is irresistible to men and women, we understand that he and Captain John Hart had been "partners", we get it, we understand, please stop laying it on with a trowel.

And one more thing, what is it with "deadlocks" being unlockable? Another of Russell T. Davies's obsessions in Doctor Who and now Torchwood.

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